[ltp] keyboards in the new X series: less keys?

Piotr Szotkowski linux-thinkpad@linux-thinkpad.org
Fri, 25 Jul 2014 11:42:23 +0200

Uwe Brauer:

> there is a difference between X1 first and second generation,
> the second generation does not even have a separate control key.

I’m sorry if I’m treading on (or overstepping) the fine line of this
list’s topic, but due to this, the non-IPS-ness of X1’s display,
its memory limitations (onboard-only, 4 GB only with i7)
and its proprietary disk, two years ago after four ThinkPads
I jumped ship and went with an Asus UX32VD. (I do hope
some of the limitations got fixed in X1 second generation.)

I do miss the trackpoint; I got myself a small mechanical keyboard¹
with a great layout² and I’m happy as a clam – full HD matte IPS,
extendable memory, non-proprietary disk (I replaced the 500 GB HDD
with a 256 GB SSD and squeezed a vanilla Windows 7 into the onboard
24 GB SSD gumstick) and a dual graphic card as a nice bonus.
Asus UX32LN seems to be the current (Haswell) version.

¹ http://keyboards-eurucamp-2013.herokuapp.com/#44
² http://keyboards-eurucamp-2013.herokuapp.com/#45

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