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At 23:11 01/09/2014, you wrote:
>On 17/08/14 06:01 AM, Carl-Daniel wrote:
> >
> > Am 09.08.2014 22:13 schrieb D. Hugh Redelmeier:
> >> | From: Martin N <martin.n@bluebottle.com>
> >>
> >> | I think it would be a good idea to compile in this thread to 
> state what the
> >> | last Thinkpad to have a certain feature.
> >>
> >> At IETF last month, Linus Nordberg (of TOR) was using an x60 
> with coreboot
> >> firmware replacement to decrease the chance that his system has been
> >> compromised (by firmware or motherboard producer).
> >>      <http://www.coreboot.org/Board:lenovo/x60/Installation>
> >> (He also makes hardware mods, like removing the radios and some
> >> ports.)
> > The T60 and T60p are supported by coreboot as well.
> >
> > Some of the later Intel-based Thinkpad models (x200,x201,x230) have
> > coreboot support, but they have an auxiliary processor (called
> > Management Engine, ME) with remote management capability which can't be
> > disabled and that ME runs unknown closed-source code even if coreboot is
> > installed.
> >
> > So if you're paranoid, the only Intel-based Thinkpad you can trust is a
> > T60/T60p/x60. AMD does not have a ME, but AFAIK no coreboot support for
> > an AMD-based Thinkpad exists.
> >
> >
> >> At first he thought that he could do the same thing with my x61t but
> >> then he decided it was more hairy.
> >>
> >> My x61t has vPRO, whatever that actually means.
> > The *61 series has a chipset not supported by coreboot, so although you
> > might be able to mod the hardware against some attacks, the firmware is
> > not trustable.
> >
> >> So: maybe the x60 generation is the last safe-ish one.
> > Yes. For now, at least.
>Thanks for bringing this up. I just made an article
>(http://www.thinkwiki.org/wiki/Old_ThinkPad_Niches) in case Wiki users
>are looking for this information.

Thanks for the effort.
May i make a suggestion?

"While new ThinkPads are generally most desirable for performance 
reasons, there is still some demand for features that can only be 
found in older models. Either for nostalgia or productivity, the 
following are some considerations for those wishing to buy an old ThinkPad. "


Sounds  like we are flat earthers when we just have practical reasons 
for wanting a 4:3 screen for instance.

Maybe delete nostalgia or change it for usability?


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