[ltp] W510: media tray opens randomly

Christoph Schmees linux-thinkpad@linux-thinkpad.org
Tue, 26 Apr 2016 04:49:49 +0200

Hi Tom,

Am 26.04.2016 um 03:01 schrieb Tom Roche:
> I have a ThinkPad W510 

very fine machine. :-)

> that is aging mostly gracefully, but with one major annoyance: about a month or 2 ago, its tray for optical discs (CD, DVD, "multi") started opening/ejecting randomly. It does not auto-open at all when the W510 is suspended or powered off, but will do it
> * just about any time when the W510 is on.
> * whether or not a disc is in the tray.
> * even during disc play, though auto-eject seems less frequent while in use than auto-open while not in use. A typical scenario is: I put a disc in the tray, close it, and begin play (typically with VLC, though I'm guessing that does not matter). The tray will auto-eject a few times before "settling down" and allowing me to play the full disc.
> Some additional details:
> 1. Nothing on Lenovo's page='Troubleshooting CD and DVD drive issues - ThinkPad'[1] matches this problem.
> 2. I suspect this is a hardware problem, but FWIW,
> 2.1. I'm running Debian 8 (via LMDE) up-to-date.
> 2.2. This behavior has persisted through at least one reboot.
> 3. Sometimes the tray will re-open as soon as I close it, sometimes it will stay closed for awhile before re-ejecting. 
> 4. Disc play seems unaffected, except for the auto-eject. I.e., I have not noticed any other problems reading or writing discs except for the occasional apparently-DRM-related read failure.
> How to fix or further debug?
> ...

most probably an HW issue. I would replace the optical drive. If
poosible checkt first w/ a drive you may borrow from someone.

hth, Christoph

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