[ltp] T440p touchpad replacement failed :(

/dev/rob0 linux-thinkpad@linux-thinkpad.org
Fri, 26 Aug 2016 15:27:16 -0500

I heard about the replacement devices for the Single-Big-Button 
abomination that came with my T440p, watched a Youtube video or two, 
and I figured I was all set.  I ordered the cheap one and set about 
replacing it.

Most of the hardware work was pretty straightforward, no tricks.

The bad part was to reconnect the various ribbon cables.  There are 
three: one for the eraserhead, one for the keyboard, and one for the 
touchpad.  All were challenging.

Each has a little black plastic clip which holds the ribbon cable in 
place.  My problem was the clip on the touchpad's cable, which it 
seems can no longer hold firmly.

I used electrical tape to try to hold it in place, but it seems not 
to be working.  I have my hard drive in a different machine so I 
booted a live USB stick, and no joy on the pointer.

I guess I'll now have a machine with no built-in pointer device.
It's not a "laptop" if I have to put it on a desk and have a place
for a mouse.  Sigh.