[ltp] X200/X201 or X200s/X201s

Uwe Brauer linux-thinkpad@linux-thinkpad.org
Sat, 27 Aug 2016 15:20:12 +0000

>>> "Evgeni" =3D=3D Evgeni Golov <evgeni@golov.de> writes:

   > Hi Uwe,
   > On Thu, Aug 25, 2016 at 09:09:16PM +0000, Uwe Brauer wrote:
   >> I posses a X200s and could buy either a second hand X200s or a X201. I
   >> am curious what are the difference between the version with =C2=ABs=
=C2=BB and
   >> without =C2=ABs=C2=BB, better batteries and slimmer?
   >> I tend to opt for the X200s because of the =C2=ABs=C2=BB but the X201=
 has a bit
   >> more modern hardware...

   > 200 vs 201 is:
   > - no touchpad vs optional touchpad
   > - Core2Duo vs Core iX
   > - that's pretty much it - well,appart from the supporting chips etc

   > normal vs s is:
   > - s can't have a webcam

What I have a X200s with a webcam, but without a touchpad.

   > - s can (and usually does) have 1440x900 TN panel
   > - getting a X201s in decent condition used is almost impossible
   > - s has a ULV CPU, which should be cooler and use less power,
   >   but in reality it does not really matter

Interesting, amazon, has some offers either for=20

    -  X200s or=20

    -  X201 but *not*

    -  X201s

I don't need or miss a touchpad, so most likely I will go for a X200s.