[ltp] suspend issues: faulty lid switch?

Jeffrey L. Taylor linux-thinkpad@linux-thinkpad.org
Mon, 5 Sep 2016 09:47:32 -0500

Quoting Matt Price <moptop99@gmail.com>:
> Hi everyone,
> I'm new to the group but have been using Thinkpads for a long time. I'm
> currently running a GNOME desktop with Arch Linux on a T440s, and a
> longstanding intermittent problem with suspend has become much much worse
> in the last few months.
> In the past, I had occasional issues where my laptop would fail to wake
> from suspend, andn eeded to be "hard" reset with the reset button (hte
> pinhole on the bototm of hte laptop). Since there's an internal battery, I
> also had to take apart the laptop and disconnect the battery for the reset
> to work.  At first this happened about once a month; when it became more
> frequent, about once a week, I diconnected the internal battery completely
> to make this easier.

To help isolate the problem, try suspending from a root command line (s2ram)
or use the desktop environment menus.  I find this reliable.  Just closing the
lib often puts it in a state where it won't wake up.  I don't think I've seen
the wakeup while closed, but I'm not possible.

This is on OpenSuSE 1.31 and a T520.


P.S. I'll try closing and opening the lid, then look at the system logs.
Thanks for noticing the multiple events.