[ltp] Error 2100 - SSD in good health, but not booting into laptop

Joerg Bruehe linux-thinkpad@linux-thinkpad.org
Tue, 3 Jan 2017 18:14:36 +0100

Hi Fen, all!

On 03.01.2017 16:39, Fen Labalme wrote:
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> I have a T530 with Samsung 840 EVO SSD running Arch Linux. Been running=

> fine (for three years) then just wouldn't boot. Got the "2100: Detectio=
> error" screen of death but the drive passes Lenovo diagnostics (all
> SMART tests, etc.). With an Arch or Ubuntu Live CD it boots and I can
> mount the SSD (and made a full backup).


>                                I reformatted the SSD and put a
> fresh OS on it, but it still drops right into the boot menu like it
> doesn't see the bootable HDD at all.

Not sure whether the below will help you ...

I just read an article in c't (a German computer magazine) where they=20
had tested SSDs for failure by writing data at full speed. All had a=20
much longer lifetime than specified by the manufacturer (good!), but the =

sad fact remains that SMART data did not really indicate the increasing=20
wear, so they didn't give advance warning.

 From Samsung, they tried the 850 Pro (still running) and the 750 Evo=20
(died after writing 1203 TB, manufacturer claim is 70 TB only).
With the 750 Evo, the SMART "Wear Leveling Count" was down to 1 % after=20
32 TB had been written, then remained there - no good indicator.=20
Similar, "Remaining Lifetime Perc" didn't give helpful values.
However, decreasing percentages for "Used Reserve Block Count" signalled =

the wear.

The article says that manufacturer tools to check the drive were no help =

at all.

Different from your report, the article says that after failure the SSDs =

not only couldn't write data any more, they even didn't read them.

All those SSDs were bought in May or June, 2016, so the firmware in=20
yours probably differs. However, to me the article implies that=20
diagnostic info doesn't really help.

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Regards and Happy 2017!

P.S. for German readers:
"So lange halten SSDs", Benjamin Kraft, c't 2017 issue 1, p. 100 - 103

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