[ltp] Unable to install Ubuntu on New Leveno Ideapad 330

mitch Stanley webuyhousesphxaz at gmail.com
Mon Oct 29 15:38:51 CET 2018

Hi, A member of PLUG ( Portland Linxux User Group)  provided me your email
to assist me in installing Ubuntu 16.04 onto my new Leveno Laptop from
Costco -

Leveno Idea Pad 330 I purchased recently. Trying to install from Linux
Format magazine CD - Ubuntu 16.04.

Thank you, Mitch Stanley

PS, I'm an Advanced Beginner & installed successfully Ubuntu on Thinkpad
300 & 400 ( Purchased Refurbished).  Set BIOS to Boot from CD but system
getting message that function not allowed. I do not to have a Dual boot but

Thanks in Advance, Mitch
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