[ltp] Help needed with choosing the right ThinkPad

Matthias Runge mrunge at matthias-runge.de
Tue Jul 28 14:54:03 CEST 2020

On 27/07/2020 17:16, tomtom at tutanota.com wrote:
> Hey out there!
> I am currently planning to buy a refurbished ThinkPad.
> I found offers at similar prices for a T450s and a X270.
> The T450 has an i7-5600U CPU and 8 Gb RAM, the X270 has an i5-7300U CPU
> and 16 GB RAM, both have full HD IPS-Panels.
> Apart from the display size and weight, I am uncertain as to which of
> these machines will fit me better.
> Coming to my questions:
> - Does anybody have experiences with running Linux on these machines?
> Any known problems? I am planning to install Linux Mint Debian Edition
> or some other Debian derived distro.
> - Are there known issues when upgrading the RAM on the T450s? The 8 GB
> in the offered machine will not always be enough, but the T450s is a bit
> cheaper which would outweigh the cost of extra RAM.

Hi there,

I have two 450s with Linux running here. They are solid machines, one
has 4(8?) Gigs, one has 12 GB RAM. They last for about 5 hours on battery.

One word of warning though, this machine has two batteries, one internal
and one "standard" notebook battery, which you can replace on your own.
When one of these batteries runs empty, the laptop will shut down. With
that, make sure when buying such a laptop, make sure the internal
battery is good, since it's harder to replace.


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