[ltp] Help needed with choosing the right ThinkPad

D.T. summerjob at posteo.de
Tue Jul 28 13:14:52 CEST 2020

On Mon, 2020-07-27 at 17:16 +0200, tomtom at tutanota.com wrote:
> Hey out there!
> I am currently planning to buy a refurbished ThinkPad.
> I found offers at similar prices for a T450s and a X270.
> The T450 has an i7-5600U CPU and 8 Gb RAM, the X270 has an i5-7300U
> CPU and 16 GB RAM, both have full HD IPS-Panels.

> - Does anybody have experiences with running Linux on these machines?

Not exactly, I own a x250. I can't complain (ArchLinux), everything
"Just Works".

The battery is a little weak for my tastes and getting alarger one is
difficult: either very expensive, or risk of buying fake/broken China

> Any known problems? I am planning to install Linux Mint Debian
> Edition or some other Debian derived distro.

Keep in mind the known limitations of Debian Stable: anything newer
than ~2 years might be problematic.

> - One plus of the X270 could be its USB-C-Connector. But apart from
> charging, I read in a review that there are issues with using it as
> graphics output for high resolution monitors. Any experience with
> that?

No, but I seem to remember a forum post to that effect somewhere.

What are your requirements? Price, screen size, laptop size/weight?

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