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On 14.05.20 09:13, cr wrote:
> Hi Cindy
> Looks like you might be looking for a used Thinkpad?
> I found this list very handy for comparing the ages of various models:
> http://www.thinkwiki.org/wiki/ThinkPad_History
> - for example a T540 and a T440 and a L440 and a L540 and a X240 are all
>    the same vintage.    (I'd assumed a T520 must be newer than a T440 -
>    not so!)

Some years ago, AIUI Lenovo used this scheme:
- a letter to identify the series,
- a digit for the screen size: "3", "4" or "5" for 13, 14 or 15 inch,
- a digit for the generation,
- a zero.
(There might be finer details I'm not aware of.)
So a T440 would be a T series 14 inch model of the 4th generation, while 
a T520 would be a 15 inch model of the 2nd generation, older.

However, I got the impression they have changed that scheme in the meantime.

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