[ltp] X62 from N51B?

Carl Friedberg carl at comets.me
Fri May 15 21:48:51 CEST 2020

I loved the T61. I never knew there was a community of hardware hackers out there. NICE!

I no longer have any ThinkPads, but this conversation is getting me interested. I stopped hacking at hardware when SMT's came to dominance. And, I also share KL's syndrome (I am OLD).

Thanks for sharing these thoughts.


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Feel your pain KL. I've recently switched from maxed out T61 SXGA+ units to the T430. I did the IPS upgrade to 1920x1080, but still miss the overhead space. I've got an X230 carcass that I have a Nitrocaster mod for. We'll see how that goes, still won't get any height though. I wish the nb51 crew would build a board to fit the standard T61 shell.
Best regards. Stay healthy one and all.

On Fri, 2020-05-15 at 11:54 -0700, Keith Lofstrom wrote:
> On Wed, May 13, 2020 at 10:13:14PM -0400, Cynthia wrote:
> >    I am just looking for recommendations for which models to search
> >    for.  If there's one with no trackpad but newer than my old one, 
> > I'd
> >    want to look at that first.  Ideas?  
> Years ago, I hacked 2048x1536 screens into T60 thinkpads.
> Then my eyes grew too old to see the tiny pixels.
> I read and write and engineer instead of watching videos, so the 
> taller the format, the better.  I'm writing this on a 1280x1024 
> desktop screen turned sideways.
> More recently, I've stockpiled enough used X61 Thinkpads
> (1024x768) to last me for life.  I also stockpiled replacement fans 
> and keyboards.  Not sure what I will do when quality replacement X61 
> batteries are no longer available on the aftermarket.
> Meanwhile, after the plagues (medical and political) ...
> ... I hope to make arrangements with the N51B Thinkpad user's group in 
> Shenzhen China (north of Hong Kong).
> They designed and built a new design, "X62" motherboards to fit into 
> the X61 chassis; lower power, MUCH faster, USB3, more memory.  Some of 
> them also replaced screens with newer high resolution LCDs, excellent 
> news for younger eyes, but smaller vertically, hence not so good for 
> me.
> Hardware wizard xiphmont has designed LED strip replacements for X61 
> CFL screen backlights.
> Perhaps neither will make more.  I hope we can get the design files 
> and make them ourselves.  Surface-mount circuit board manufacture is 
> complicated, and most of the production systems are in China now.  If 
> our N51B friends can't help us with the actual build due to 
> complicated taxes and export restrictions, maybe there are a few 
> American (US/CA/MX) and European prototype manufacturers that we can 
> hire to help.
> Keith
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> Keith Lofstrom          keithl at keithl.com
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