[ltp] T43 and S/PDIF audio output

Stefan Monnier monnier at iro.umontreal.ca
Fri Nov 20 16:42:44 CET 2020

> I do have a Behringer USB interface, but my understanding is that USB
> interfaces are limited in bandwidth compared to coax or optical,
> which is why I wondered if this `AC-link' would be useful.

Hmm... 192kHz * 24bit * stereo =~ 10Mb/s

So, USB1 (12Mb/s max) might indeed be a bit tight for
super-top-quality digital, but USB2 (released 20 years ago) has a max
bandwidth of 480Mb/s which should provide more than ample bandwidth
(even if in practice you're unlikely to be able to make use of much more
than half of that bandwidth).


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