[ltp] Multi-platform Wireless LANs (esp for Linux/Macs)

Mike linux-thinkpad@www.bm-soft.com
Tue, 10 Oct 2000 09:23:11 +0930

Harry Mangalam wrote:

> Does anyone have any words of wisdom about wireless LAN products that will
> support both Linux and Macs (running MacOS <10)?

Yep, go for an Airport with the Lucent/Orinoco cards. We use them both 
at the office and I use one at home. I have a Thinkpad which is always 
on a wireles 'net and others at the office use Powerbooks, similarly 

Airports are 11Mb devices, if you have a look around at various Airport 
sites, you can see that it actually uses one of the Lucent/Orinoco cards 

My only gripe is that the Linux-PCMCIA subsystem dosen't support essid 
and encryption-keys very well (AFAIK), and usually require use of 
iwconfig (and a kernel compiled w/ CONFIG_NET_RADIO) after the card has 
been inserted to activate such features.


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