[ltp] ALSA driver and tpctl - without recompiling.

Tino Keitel linux-thinkpad@www.bm-soft.com
Fri, 27 Apr 2001 14:44:55 +0200

On Wednesday, 25. April 2001 12:42, Luis Antolín Cano wrote:
> I'm using a TP600 with RedHat 7.0 (kernel 2.2.16-22) and that big
> virus from Microsoft in another partition.
> I would like to use ALSA driver and tpctl.
> So, my problem is that I have little space left in my HD. I have read
> about re-compiling the kernel and so, and AFAIK the directory structure
> takes about 70Mb. I don't have that space, nor I want to go through all
> that process if I can avoid it.
> But the problem is that ALSA and tpclt seem to need to recompile the
> kernel for be installed.

ALSA needs a kernel with support for OSS sound modules. If your kernel 
already has it, there is no need to recompile it. I think tpctl also doesn't 
need a special kernel, but uses some include files from the kernel source. 
Perhaps it's enough to install a kernel header package, but I don't know if 
RedHat does have such a package.

> Do you know if there is a way to install ALSA and/or tpclt without
> the /usr/scr/linux structure?
> Thanks for your help.
>     /Luis.

If you still need the hole kernel source tree:

If you have some space on your Windows partition and you are using FAT and 
not NTFS, you could use the space on your Windows partition.

- mount the Windows partition (i.e. in /mnt/win)
- create a big file on that partition (>100 MB) using dd
  (dd if=/dev/zero of=/mnt/win/bigfile bs=1024k count=100)
- format the file (mke2fs -b 1024 /mnt/win/bigfile)
- mount that file (mount -o loop /mnt/win/bigfile /mnt/kernelsrc)
- create a link /usr/src/linux that points to /mnt/kernelsrc/linux
- unpack the kernel source to /mnt/kernelsrc

If you have a big linux swap partition (>100 MB) and enough RAM (>64 MB) you 
could use it temporarily to store the kernel tree.

- swapoff /dev/<your_swap_partition>
- format the swap partition (mke2fs -b 1024 /dev/<your_swap_partition>)
- mount the swap partition (mnt /dev/<your_swap_partition> /mnt/kernelsrc
- follow the next steps described above


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