[ltp] 3com 3c556b mini pci lan + modem on thinkpad x20

Darrell Shively linux-thinkpad@www.bm-soft.com
Mon, 22 Jan 2001 14:39:18 -0800

marco signoretto wrote:
> [...]
> dash wrote:
> >
> > If you are building a custom kernel (I did), you can try to use my
> > kernel .config file.
> > It can be found here:
> > ftp://ftp-eng.cisco.com/dash/tpx20_config
> >
> thanks a lot for your support, i'm very happy to see that my praises have
> been answered :=). now, i have another question: where can i find the
> kernel? i've looked aroud (redhat.com, rpmfind etc...) but i found only the
> 2.2.16 kernel in the rpm format.  maybe i have to take it in tar format at
> kernel.org? howether, what i have to do after installing the new version of
> kernel? is it enougth to have my card recognised and working or i have to
> perform other passages?
> Marco

Yes, I'm afraid you will need to fetch and build the kernel source in
tar form.
I got mine from ftp://ftp.kernel.org/pub/linux/kernel/v2.2.
The .bz2 form is a little smaller, but if you don't have/want bzip2 just
use the .tgz file.
There are some excellent How-To's on building & installing the kernel.
The good news is you can skip the configuration part if you are willing
to live with my configuration.
Take the .config file mentioned above somewhere and place that in your
/usr/src/linux directory after you've unrolled the tarball.
Then follow the instructions for making and installing the kernel.
There are some good How-To's reachable from RedHat's site.  I think they
also have a pretty good discussion in their user's manual, which is
reachable on-line.

Just as a point of reference, here's what I do.  Please read the
How-To's, though.
I will surely omit something important.

The sequence I use to build the kernel & modules is:
$ ( make dep && make clean && make bzImage && make modules ) >&

I watch the build.log file using "tail -f".  When the build is done, I
look for errors.
If all went well, I install the kernel & modules like so:
$ make install ; make modules_install

However, I suggest you preserve your original kernel and modules.  The
modules you can leave in place, since they will be in a
/lib/modules/2.2.14... sub-dir.  I would rename the kernel to something
like "kernel.old" and create a secondary /etc/lilo.conf entry for it so
you can boot back to it if something goes wrong.

Oh and you'll need to add an entry to /etc/modules.conf for your nic. 
The line in mine reads:

	alias eth0 3c59x

   good luck,
	- dash

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