[ltp] Re: 3com 3c556b mini pci lan + modem on thinkpad x20

Darrell Shively linux-thinkpad@www.bm-soft.com
Wed, 24 Jan 2001 08:42:09 -0800

marco signoretto wrote:
> Il mar, 23 gen 2001, Darrell Shively ha scritto:
> > Alan Shutko wrote:
> > >
> > > Darrell Shively <dash@cisco.com> writes:
> > >
> > > > I did find that unloading/reloading the module (cs4281.o) will
> > > > reinitialize the sound hardware, but since I'm usually logged in and
> > > > already have the sounds device open, the module won't unload until I log
> > > > out or something similarly inconvenient.
> > > > Bottom line: I live without sound.
> > > > If someone has a fix for this, please let me know.
> > >
> > > Take a look at /etc/sysconfig/apmd, and look at the lines relating to
> > > sound.
> >
> > WOO-HOO!  That got it.  Sound now suspends/resumes & even seems to
> > hibernate/resume.
> > Copious thanks, Alan.  You rule.
> well, something goes wrong in my computer (sob ;_(( ) . i have followed exactly
> your istructions: i put the apmcontinue in /etc/sysconfig/apm-scripts/ and also
> modify the apmd as Alan suggested(for the sound card), but nothing works as it
> sould do. the sound card and the nic don't resume after suspension and also the
> sound card sometimes don't be activated  at the boot. here is a message from the
> kernel log:
> kernel boot message:  "codec failed to calibrate" (talking about the
> sound card)
> e
> marcolinux aumix-minimal: aumix:  error opening mixer
> marcolinux rc.sysinit: Loading mixer settings:  failed
> also the nic sometimes at the boot does'n work but this is quiete rare.
> what can i do?

Yowch!  i've never seen anything like that.
Let's see if we can figure out what's different between your system and
I've got an X20 ,Type 2662-36U.  (On a bar code sticker on the bottom of
my unit.)
We're both running 2.2.18 kernel.  You used my .config to build, so the
kernels and modules should be identical, right?
I think we're both running RedHat 7.0... right?
Hmmm... don't know if it matters, but I was pretty aggressive installing
all the recommended upgrades/security fixes from RedHat.  If you have
not, you might want to try it.
Maybe we should compare our BIOS Power Management settings?  Wish there
was a way to dump these. :-/

Failing that... hmmm.  Anyone else have any ideas?

By the way, does anyone have tpctl running on an x20/RH7 combo?
I have not been successful getting it to compile.

> thanks for your patience
> Marco

No problem.  Check & post the above info & we'll see if anyone has any

   Good luck,
	- dash
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