Thinkpad Freezing (Re: [ltp] Odd apm issue)

D. Sen
Thu, 25 Jan 2001 06:55:04 -0500

It seems to render itself in different ways for different people. I never see
a hang when it comes out of suspend/standby. Instead, my machine reliably
(everytime and within a few minutes) hangs when I run xscreensaver. It will
also hang if I am moving something accross the screen really
fast............(an xterm window being click and dragged accross the window,
for example).......but this does not everytime.

Perhaps if we had more details of the bug and whats required of the kernel
patch, one of us could help Tim write the kernel patch....

Rodd Zurcher wrote:

> --On Wednesday, January 24, 2001 09:47:56 -0500 "D. Sen"
> <> wrote:
> [ scrolling X hang discussion deleted ]
> > Do other people experience the freezing? It does not co-incide with any
> > messages in the syslog. The only out of it is to do a power-recycle.
> Yup. Same here. Seems a known timing bug in some Savage/MX/IX chipset (per
> Tim) seems the windows drivers have workarounds, but they are difficult to
> implement in linux.
> We have 2 T20's with identical linux installs and only 1 exhibits the X
> lockup problem.
> I've tired just not installing the sound drivers and several APM
> configurations (switching to vt1, etc) and I still hang 3 out of10 times
> when comming out of sleep.
> What X driver does IBM use when shipping Linux on a T20? Do they have the
> problem?
> rbz
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