[ltp] Setting up to install RH on a new ThinkPad 600

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Mon, 1 Oct 2001 12:25:47 -0400

On Monday 01 October 2001 04:25 pm, Mark Atwood wrote:

> I guess I need a MSDOS partition for the suspend file. How big does it
> have to be? I'm guessing the size of the RAM plus a little bit more.

I have installed RH7.1 on my 600e.  I am not using the hibernation feature 
but there are others that are.  Check out Thomas Hood's Thinkpad  page:


> I suppose that keeping TP2.EXE on that MSDOS partition, and making
> that partition bootable would be wise. Where can a find a version of
> MSDOS that will work for that purpose? Does FreeDOS work?

I do not believe the DOS thinkpad utils will run under the DOSEMU 
package.  Again, check out Thomas Hood's Thinkpad  page and get the
tpctl utility.

> I've been using RH 7.1 at work and home. Is anyone running RH 7.1 on a
> TP600? I've seen nothing in the webring about it, most people's
> experiences seem to have been with RH 6.0.

The following page has many links to people running linux on 600's


> I've seen the warning about I2C and lm_sensors. Is it safe to just
> install the kernel-2.4.2 that comes with 7.1, and then promptly
> upgrade to say 2.4.9 or so?

You can do a staight install & then just remove sensors-detect.

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