[ltp] Linux 7.2 and 10/100 Etherjet CardBus

Tino Keitel linux-thinkpad@www.bm-soft.com
Sat, 27 Oct 2001 14:19:33 +0200

On Saturday, 27. October 2001 05:07, Stephen Gregory wrote:
> Thanks Mike -
> but I still have my problem. I ran ifconfig eth0 and there obviously were
> no IP addresses, RX, TX etc because, sure enough, I never defined any. In
> the installation Red Hat 7.2 never gave me the network configuration
> screen.  That really is the mystery to me. If I see in dmesg etc that the
> system is aware of the card (assuming that is what it means when it
> reports eth0:  Xircom cardbus revision 3 at irq 11) then why would Red Hat
> not ask me to configure it? I suppose I could ask Red Hat, but they'll
> just tell me there is no problem.
> Anyway, I took the brute-force approach of installing Windows 2000 to see
> if it has any problem with the card and it does not. The card is just fine
> and the network connection went flawlessly. However, I DON'T WANT Windows.
> I reckon the xircom_cb driver module is not doing the job. (I went with
> RH7.2 to get the latest drivers.) A friend said that I should perhaps
> compile the driver from source and then try a couple of other drivers.
> I'll try all that and, as the reinstallation of Linux still won't allow
> network setup with the supplied driver, I'll be using netcfg. I presume
> they haven't removed that from the distribution.

If 'ifconfig -a' shows an eth0 interface then there is nothing wrong with the 
driver. All you have to do is configure the network parameters. IIRC RedHat 
has a config tool for PCMCIA network cards (can't remember the name).


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