[ltp] redhat 7.2 (Overcoming dependencies)

Robert W March linux-thinkpad@www.bm-soft.com
Fri, 26 Oct 2001 15:05:05 -0400

Joe Christy wrote:
>     Yep. As long as you don't invoke any of the programs in
>  you're safe*, _BUT_ I wouldn't recommend it. So you can do
> the RedHat install w/o thinking (at least about lm_sensors & KDE),
> then remove lm_sensors before it gets used.
>     Just to be safe, I would recommend that you remove lm_sensors
> before KDE ever gets invoked: When anaconda (the initial installer)
> gets to X configuration, just tell Xconfigurator that you don't want
> to boot into X, and remove lm_sensors from the console as root.  N.B.
> you need the --nodeps flag to reassure rpm -e that you're not
> seriously harming your KDE installation. When you are done, just
> change the first non-comment line in /etc/inittab:


  Thanks for the time saving info on how to avoid an undesirable
dependency.  ;-)

  FYI, shortly after installing RH7.1 on my TP600E I learned of the
lm_sensors danger from Thomas Hood's website. Oops!  Although I did not
explicitly avoid lm_sensors during the install it does not appear to be
on my machine and the MB has not failed.  At least, I do not think so. 
I will look again for lm_sensors as soon as I get the machine back from
IBM.  They asked for the machine because they want to investigate as to
why the screen brightness slider has stopped functioning.  Curious that
the local IBM approved repair shop cannot fix it by changing parts.

  I, too, use KDE.  I also do 'id:5:initdefault:'.  

  To change the subject, periodically in X, I loose control of the
keyboard/mouse and have to hit the power button.  Maybe runlevel 3 will
help me troubleshoot that one - at least see the log files. 


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