[ltp] Re: faxing via onboard modem in Thinkpad A22p?

Dirk Husemann linux-thinkpad@www.bm-soft.com
29 Oct 2001 16:13:12 +0100

>>>>> "RWM" == Robert W March <Robert> writes:

    RWM> linux-thinkpad@merctech.com wrote:
    >> Has anyone had success sending a fax via the built-in modem in an A22p
    >> (or any compatible ltmodem in a Thinkpad)? I'm using:
    >> RedHat 7.1, 2.4.9
    >> ltmodem-6.00a1
    >> efax v0.9
    >> I can use the modem as a modem just fine, but faxing fails.
    >> Here's an excerpt from the dialog from efax:

    RWM>             [snipped]

    >> efax: 38:11 response "OK"
    >> efax: 38:11 command  "+FCLASS=1"

    RWM>                                                          ^^^^^^^^^^^^

    RWM> I know that mgetty+sendfax does not support the Class 1 fax device. Only Class 2 and
    RWM> 2.0 are supported.  Regarding efax, I do not know.

Efax is supposed to support class 1, the problem really lies with the
modem SW it seems (I'm stumbling over the same problem), as soon as
you issue the +FCLASS=1 command the modem will shy away from
dialing. Dialing normally works just fine... 

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