[ltp] connecting PS/2 kbd to TP760?

Tino Keitel linux-thinkpad@www.bm-soft.com
Wed, 6 Feb 2002 12:34:15 +0100

On Tuesday, 5. February 2002 19:34, M. Leo Cooper wrote:
> On my 760XL, I haven't had any luck connecting a full-size PS/2 keyboard
> to the "external input device port" (the round multi-pin jack on the side,
> next to the PCMCIA slots). The keyboard connector fits into the port,
> but the machine will not recognize the keyboard on bootup.
> I even tried playing with the /etc/X11/XF86Config file, to see if I could
> get X to see the keyboard, but no dice.
> Excerpts from the 760XL/XD spec-sheet:
>             The IBM ThinkPad 760XL new models systems support the
>             attachment of external keyboards.  In particular, the IBM
>             Enhanced Keyboard with PS/2 Style Cable (PN 92G7453 FN
>             2289) and the IBM ThinkPad Space Saver Keyboard (PN 84G2524
>             FN 2298).
> 	    ...
> 	    EXTERNAL INTERFACE: The external input device port can have
> 	    the following devices connected: IBM PS/2 Miniature Mouse
> 	    (#5443, P/N 07G0033); IBM PS/2 Numeric Keypad (#5445, P/N
> 	    07G0032); IBM PS/2 Keyboard/Mouse Connector (#3145, P/N
> 	    54G0441). The IBM Keyboard/Mouse Connector is required when
> 	    attaching an external keyboard and attaching an external
> 	    keyboard and mouse.
Read this   ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^
> The above leads me to believe that possibly the BIOS would need to be
> upgraded to recognize an external keyboard, or maybe I need an "IBM
> Keyboard/Mouse Connect
> or". If so, where could I get one of these cheap?
> Any other suggestions?

You can connect a mouse directly to the PS/2 port of my 765L. If you want to 
use a PS/2 keyboard, you have to use a PS/2 splitter that allows you to 
connect a mouse _and_ keyboard, even if you want to connect _only_ a keyboard.

Another method is using a port replicator. This also has separate PS/2 ports 
for mouse and keyboard.


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