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Ross Burton linux-thinkpad@www.bm-soft.com
12 Feb 2002 12:21:10 +0000

On Tue, 2002-02-12 at 11:59, Uwe.Nestmann@EPFL.ch wrote:
> What is the best strategy to get Debian running on a
> brandnew Thinkpad X22, considering that the graphics is ATI
> Radeon, which AFAIK is only fully supported under Xfree 4.2?
> Should I go with testing/woody or rather with stable/potato?
> I do not imagine unstable, because I need to get some work
> done and prefer the machine to behave in a reliable way.

I have a X22 with Debian.  Potato does not boot -- the md driver hangs. 
If you want to install Potato you'll have to rebuild the kernel used on
the boot disks.

What to do next depends on which X22 you have -- my one comes with an
internal modem and network card, both of which are unsupported by the
stock Woody (although I've heard rumours that the eepro100 driver can be
forced to drive the e100 network card).  Because of this I downloaded a
Woody boot floppy set and "debootstrap", and generated a "basedebs.tgz"
file on a local RedHat box.  I copied this file to the Win2K partition
and pointed the Woody installed at it.  I could then build the e100
driver and so get network access, from which I could dist-upgrade to

I also have to use X4.2 as you say -- I found a snapshot of CVS build on
Sid which I just untar onto / which solely upgrades the X server.

Sound is still troublesome for me, and sometimes the trackpoint locks up
when I boot for now reason -- a reboot to Win2K and back again into
Linux fixes that.  Apart from those issues the box is running Debian

One day I really must write all of this down...

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