[ltp] T23 - will recovery cd format the whole disk?

Edi Weitz linux-thinkpad@www.bm-soft.com
13 Jun 2002 00:27:05 +0200


I finally managed to get a recovery CD for my T23. When I got the
machine (with XP pro pre-loaded) I instantly re-partitioned and now
have three working operating systems on my drive - Windows 2000 pro,
SuSE Linux 8.0 and Gentoo Linux which I mainly use.

When I wiped out the recovery partition I wasn't aware of the option
(offered as a downloadable diskette by IBM) to re-install the original
boot sector that can reach the recovery partition. I also thought it
would be easy to get a recovery CD from IBM but that's another

Well, nevertheless, eventually my dealer managed to get a recovery CD
for me and for various reasons I want to use it to re-install XP pro
into the partition now used by W2k. However, when I boot from this CD
it says that it'll erase and re-format the whole hard disk which
obviously is not what I want!

Is this true? Is there no way to easily re-install XP pro from the
recovery CD without destroying my Linux installations? (I don't care
about the MBR, I'll be able to recover it.)


PS: For what it's worth, this is a US model T23 with a German keyboard
    and a German recovery CD. I think this doesn't matter, though.

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