[ltp] sound record on thinkpad 770

Adam Benjamin linux-thinkpad@www.bm-soft.com
Fri, 21 Jun 2002 08:58:55 -0400 (EDT)

> i have a thinkpad 770 on Mandrake 8.2 (2.4.18-16mdk kernel 
> customized with win4lin and preempt patches).  sound works
> fine (cs4232 and opl3 modules loaded and working in both
> windows [under win4lin] and linux).

I've got a 770E under RH 7.3 and no fancy patches (other than the RPM
updates provided by RH.)

The modules loaded seem to be:


I have found that under certain situations, in order to record
properly, I need to:

rmmod cs4232
modprobe cs4232

Recently (under 7.3) I also have to reset the sound settings via:

/bin/aumix-minimal -f /etc/.aumixrc -L

(They'd previously been saved to that file.)

I'm not sure why - and it's probably a RedHat'ish - but when I come
back from suspend or from hibernation the volume on all devices has
been zeroed and the modules aren't exactly happy.  To describe what I
mean by "happy" - the sound stutters, and "aumix" shows the wrong list
of devices.  (It will show something like Line{1,2,3} instead of Line1
and Mic.)

That's all the assistance I can offer, other than to say that it does
work for me - although my configuration is a little different.

Good luck,

Adam Benjamin

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