[ltp] 600E's screen turns on red, then goes really dark

wes schreiner linux-thinkpad@linux-thinkpad.org
Sun, 30 Nov 2003 18:21:52 -0600

Asheesh Laroia wrote:

>This is mildly off-topic, but I hope some of you can provie some insight!
>My roommate just bought a ThinkPad 600E.  When he turned it on a week ago,
>the screen would turn on at normal brightness, adjustable by the slider
>thing under the screen, but it would have a red tint that would go away
>after a few seconds.
>After this weekend, the laptop's screen now starts up, flickering red and
>really-dark, and then settles on really-dark.  One can repeat the
>flickering process by pressing the switch-to-external-monitor button,
>Fn-F7.  (There's no external monitor attached, so it goes right back to
>the LCD.)
>So the screen is unreadably dark, and flickers strangely.  What hope do I

According to the 600E Hardware Maintenance Manual, the first thing to 
try is to
reseat the LCD connectors. Next, it is possible that the problem is just an
inverter card going bad. This is pretty easy to replace if you can 
source the part.
Finally, you are faced with replacing the LCD panel itself. Perhaps you 
can pick
up a 600E with a bad motherboard and use its inverter board and/or LCD 
I suppose IBM might still have these parts too, but their prices might be

To me it sounds like the inverter card, IBM part number 10L1719.

>Thank you all very much.
>-- Asheesh Laroia.
>P.S. And what is that faucet-looking button, Fn-F11?

That is to switch power management modes, under Windows.

wes schreiner