[ltp] hibernation - PhoenixBIOS (save2dsk.bin) vs swsusp, and ACPI/APM

André Wyrwa linux-thinkpad@linux-thinkpad.org
Fri, 05 Dec 2003 18:21:18 +0100


> The first thing I was wondering is what is the difference between the
> PhoenixBIOS and swsusp methods with regards to BIOS integration.

I'm interested in the same point. swsusp seems a quite nice alternative
to the bios stuff, since it has some little advantages like:
- possibility of switching between hibernated win and linux
  (having separate hibernation images for them)
- utilization of swap disk
  (which has to be quite large then as a drawback)
- hibernation process is cancelable
- it can utilize bootsplash (what a nice gimmic!!)

However, I doubt that the RediSafe feature will work...don't know about
the others...but since they should be handled throudh ACPI/APM events
they should, i guess.

Did you come across further details? Or anyone else?
Any more pros and cons or definite facts about the BIOS feature support?

> The second thing I was wondering was how ACPI and APM figure in here.
> Can both hibernation methods work if you configure Linux to just use
> ACPI, or does the PhoenixBIOS method only work with APM?  (Actually
> I'm also wondering in general, whether I should prefer ACPI or APM on
> a t41...)

It is said that the BIOS method only works with APM, while swsusp is
supposed to work with both ACPI and APM, and even more stable with ACPI.