[ltp] movies of what's going on on my screen

Tod Harter linux-thinkpad@linux-thinkpad.org
Mon, 15 Dec 2003 11:27:44 -0500


Name: rfbdrake
Version: 0.9.2-0.1mdk
Size: 232 KB

Summary: Remote Frame Buffer configuration/launcher tool

Description: rfbdrake is a tool to setup a client/server remote framebuffer=
for virtual network computing. It use vncviewer backend at the client side=
and x0rfbserver for the server side.

This seems to be part of MDK9.2 and I'm pretty sure it was available in som=
earlier version as well. I don't know what level of compatibility the RPM=20
might give you with other RPM based distros... I can't say I've ever tried =
use it either myself, but at least in theory from what I can see you should=
be able to use this to run an x0rfbserver and then have vnc2swf record the=

On Monday 15 December 2003 6:07 am, Andr=C3=A9 Wyrwa wrote:
> Hi,
> >   I was try vnc2swf, but is alway open a window with nothing and record
> >
> > it.  My host is r40, therefore I use a next command:
> >        >vnc2swf -start recording out.swf r40:1
> >
> > One window is opened, but I want no it. I only want a make a movies of
> > what's going on on my screen (My be the problem
> > is that vnc2swf was designed for make a movie from a remote host and not
> > for a local).
> One option:
> You go and start a VNC server (locally), connect vnc2swf or vncrec or
> whatever with that VNC server, accept the little window opening and just
> launch the whole environment you want to make the movie of on the VNC
> server, meaning that you'll see it inside vnc2swfs window.
> The other option:
> You try hunting down xOrfbserver, which might turn out to be a
> challenge, at least if you are looking for sources. However, there are
> some 0.6.1 rpm packages of RFB lurking around in the net, you can find
> them through google and they include xorfbserver.
> (If anyone can point out where to find its homepage and sources that
> would be great, since www.hexonet.de is gone and www.hexonet.net seems
> not to host the files.)
> >    Finally, now I use ImageMagic (import function) in order to make a
> > set of pictures from my screen, but I don't know how make a movie from
> > theme (animate only simulate a movie, but didn't make it),  Do you know
> > how Make a movie for a set of pictures (jpeg on my case).
> Read "man ImageMagick" and "man convert".
> Andre.

Tod Harter
Giant Electronic Brain