[ltp] A30P Questions

Frank Roberts - SOTL linux-thinkpad@linux-thinkpad.org
Mon, 6 Jan 2003 10:49:10 -0500

Hi All

First, thanks for all the help a number of very nice people on this list have 

As one may imagine from the continuation of the post there are several issues 
with the Thinkpad A30P that are troubling.

First on boot approximately 50% of the time X is not starting. Some times X 
will initiate if one does a <Ctl><Atl><Bk Space> or <Del> other times it 
requires a requires one or more reboots. 

Second I am using Kppp under Kppp to log on to the internet. If Kppp is 
initiated and the computer is lodged on to line then all activity on the 
desktop ceases to function until Kppp is terminated. That means that if one 
clicks on a desktop icon that the icon will not initiate a program. 
Also as part of this I am using Kmail as the mail program. Due to a major 
screwup several years ago I wound up with 6 e-mail accounts most of which I 
can not stop using due to other people having one or the other but not all 
email address. Point is that Kmail after opening will not check mail in but 
one (1) account and will disavow the existence of the other 5 accounts. This 
appears to be another symptom of the desktop problem.

Hopefull someone will have knowledge of what these problems intail or what one 
needs to check to correct the issue.

Thanks again for all of you people help.