[ltp] T40 / Pentium M and Linux

Christian Tanzer linux-thinkpad@linux-thinkpad.org
Thu, 27 Mar 2003 17:19:51 +0100

Steve Barr <steve.barr@pobox.com> wrote:

> Rune Froysa wrote:
> > Finally, IBM should be flamed for not allowing us to buy ThinkPads
> > without a pre-installed OS.
> Can you imagine the support calls?
> "I'm having a problem with my ThinkPad model mumblemumble."
> "Did you install an OS?"
> "Yes."
> "I'm sorry sir, that's not a supported configuration."
> >  If my work hadn't paid for it, I would have selected a model
>  > from the only suplyer in this country that sells laptops
>  > whitout a pre-installed OS.
> Whatever.  Don't forget a lot of us use Linux because it
> better meets our needs, not because of some "political"
> stance.
>  From the MS trial it came out that it was cheaper (or required)
> that a manufacturer ship windows with each PC sold because of
> the contract terms.
> For a time IBM did sell ThinkPads with Linux installed, but
> unlike with servers, I guess not enough people bought them
> for IBM to justify the additional testing, documentation,
> support, etc. expense.  If you want to flame anyone, try
> the Linux community.

Still, it is jarring to pay for useless crap (that is not a political
statement :-).

What's even worse in my eyes is that the documentation is
Windows-only. Even if I was using Windows on my ThinkPads I'd be
pissed by looking at the documentation, turning the machine off to put
in some hardware, oops -just forgot how the picture looked.

Otherwise the ThinkPads are great and I love them (X30 and A22p).


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