[ltp] Contacting IBM with design feedback

D. Sen linux-thinkpad@linux-thinkpad.org
Thu, 22 May 2003 12:55:33 +1000

Yes, a wish list for the perfect thinkpad seems like an useful and fun 
excersise :-)

Can I start with 100% Linux Support for all features? :)

Richard Neill wrote:
> Does anyone know how to give IBM design feedback on thinkpads? Where 
> should suggestions be emailed?
> There's a lot of things I like about them, but there are also some thins 
> that could be better, and I'd like to point them out (so that perhaps 
> the next model might incorporate some changes...).
> There's no way of doing this on the IBM website - there are plenty of 
> ways to *ask* IBM, but no ways to *tell* IBM :-)
> For instance:
> *The A-series is missing the fold-out feet. These were really useful on 
> the 770, and it would be good to have them back. At the moment, I have 
> to use a stand to raise the keyboard angle.
> *I see that the new A-series has a different layout of mouse buttons. I 
> think that this is a bad thing, because it makes it very hard to use it 
> like a proper (3 button and scroll) mouse. At the moment, one can use 
> button 2 to emulate a wheel, and get middle click by pressing buttons 1 
> and 3 simultaneously. But the new design makes this impossible, since 
> buttons 1,3 are no longer adjacent, and cannot be clicked 
> simulataneously by one finger.
> Richard

D. Sen,