[ltp] Contacting IBM with design feedback

Steve Barr linux-thinkpad@linux-thinkpad.org
Thu, 22 May 2003 20:23:08 -0400

Richard Neill wrote:
> Yes, but you can do that already. At the moment, I can press 4 buttons 
> with one thumb. (4th button = overlapping 1+3)

People differ.  Did you know the reason the ThinkPad
has 'smart latches' (and the T40 only has one latch
button but two latches) is so that it can be opened
easily by one hand?

If you read the web page you can see a lot of thought
went into the design changes, even if you don't agree
with the changes.

> Those things are evil! IBM really should have the courage of it's 
> convictions and stick with the trackpoint.

TrackPoint hasn't gone away.  Someone may even come
up with interesting uses of the touchpad (Chinese
character entry, for example).

> I have played with HP's new laptop which uses both - and they've messed 
> up the trackpoint to the point that it's almost unusable - and the 
> buttons are too small/too stiff/in the wrong place.

Last decent computer HP ever made was the 49G. :-)

100% my opinions.