[ltp] USB

Paul Kaplan linux-thinkpad@linux-thinkpad.org
Mon, 3 Nov 2003 21:49:11 -0400

Thanks for your commiseration.  I don't think it's a defective port replicator 
for two reasons(, but I will try re-seating).  First, it works fine under 
W2KSP4.  Second, I have a(n second) external USB2 hub.  It too works 
correctly under W2K no matter whether its plugged in to the box or the 
replicator.  However under Linux it is just as flaky as the ports on the 
replicator.  I wonder whether the problem is in the 2.4 kernel implementation 
of USB, since it doesn't support hot swapping the way it does under W.  I 
gather that 2.6 is supposed to address some of these issues.

On Monday 03 November 2003 07:26 am, Joel Ebel wrote:
> I have had similar experiences with my T40.  My mouse would jump around
> and click at random times, and my Sony Clie would only sync when it felt
> like it.  Sometimes devices wouldn't register at all.  All when plugged
> into the port replicator.  Everything works fine when plugged directly
> into the T40.  I was usually able to fix the not connecting at all by
> reseating the T40 in the port replicator, but I could never fix the
> flakiness.  I just use the ports on the T40 directly now.  Maybe IBM
> would replace the port replicator if you tried though.  If they do, let
> me know.  I might try myself.
> Joel
> Paul Kaplan wrote:
> > Has anyone gotten the USB ports on a port replicator or an external USB2
> > hub to work correctly?  My USB devices work correctly when plugged
> > directly into the ports on a T40 itself, but are flaky or totaly
> > non-functional when plugged into the port replicator or the hub.
> > I'm using a Mandrake stock 2.4.22 kernel w/ 1Gb memory.
> > TIA
> > Paul