[ltp] T40p VMWARE +XP

Steve K linux-thinkpad@linux-thinkpad.org
Tue, 04 Nov 2003 09:04:17 -0800

Tino Keitel wrote:

> Nice. Is the RDONLY status visible in the GUI after this change? I can
> still see the partition as RW here.

No, it still shows up as R/W in the GUI.

> I trashed my root partition 2 times because vmware booted the Linux
> system per default (which was already running as the host OS) and
> mounted the root file system a second time -> BOOM.

Sorry to hear that!  I've accidentally let vmware boot into Linux with 
the RDONLY setting, and when the guest linux tries to write to the disk 
I get a vmware popup saying that it can't write.  Good.  It would be 
nice if lilo could be made vmware-aware and not let that even happen.

One more thing to note.  If you reconfigure your boot sector (run lilo) 
it seems that the 99 99 99 99 returns, and you need to re-create your vm 
to make it work again.  I'm not sure why, my guess is that part of the 
boot info gets stored in winXPPro-pt.vmdk, and it no longer matches up 
with the new boot sector.