[ltp] Re: R40 with external TFT display...

Thomas Besser linux-thinkpad@linux-thinkpad.org
Wed, 5 Nov 2003 16:32:34 +0100

Hi Mike,

sorry for the late reaction.

Am Mittwoch, 22. Oktober 2003 21:26 schrieb Michael Chase-Salerno:
> Try cycling through the display configs (Fn F7). If I recall, it will
> only display at the higher resolution if the external display is the
> only one enabled. That is, X runs at the highest resolution that ALL
> active displays can support.

Which version of X do you use? 

I have a nearly reasonable solution. No graphical login manager, before 
'startx' with Fn F7 enable only the external TFT. Then solution is correct. 
But the internal display remains not disabled (=black). It becomes gray with 
colored vertical stripes. 

Ok normally that does not matter, I close the notebook and work with external 
mouse and keyboard. I thought the internal display then is getting completely 
deactivated (=black)!? But it is not totally black, you could lightly see the 
stripes still a little bit. After a few hours I reenable the internal display 
and can see this stripes for a quite time on the screen. After perhaps 20 
Minutes they disappear. But I'm worrying that this is the first stage of a 
'burnin effect'!?

After starting the X Server with the external display, Fn F7 does not work 
anymore :-(

Any further hints?

Thanks in advance...
Thomas Besser