[ltp] dhcp problem

André Wyrwa linux-thinkpad@linux-thinkpad.org
Fri, 28 Nov 2003 12:53:43 +0100


> No, AFAIR all you need to do is maintain /etc/dhclient.conf.  This is
> probably a server issue then.  If you don't find a solution by this
> evening, I'll check my configuration, and post the results.

I'm going away later today for the weekend, so don't hurry. ;-)

> Do you have a static DNS then?  The DHCP server will return relevant
> DNS server info if requested (this may not be strictly correct, I'm no
> expert).  So it looks to me like you are requesting the DNS server info
> from your server, and this is what gets applied to your DHCP client
> machine.  There is a setting to turn this off in the client machine. 
> The documentation will help for this.  I *think* that you need to turn
> off the request and things will settle down.

I think that's just what i did before. I removed the domain-name and
domain-name-server entries from the request and require entries, so it
shouldn't be transmitted anymore.

I did a workaround with a supersede entry, but that's an ugly way. Don't
like that and would still try to figure out whats going on.

I have a tiny dns server on the fli4l router. But since the connection
between the airbase and the router is a static one (there is no dhcp
deamon on the router) i wonder how the airbase should get informed about
it. If the problem is really that the airbase is sending this outdated
information, then I wonder when did it get it and how? And why doesn't
it update itself?

Also rebooting the airbase didn't help much.

The routers address is The airbase is on the
router side and on the wireless side. The thinkpad is
I found out that the airbase is capable of learning some stuff from the
net (like giving same ips to same nics and such) and also it seams to do
a NAT (which is bad, but for the time being i have to live with that).

So far...