[ltp] PST Bootdisk for 600E

James McKenzie linux-thinkpad@linux-thinkpad.org
Sat, 29 Nov 2003 21:01:35 -0700


There are DOS boot disks available that do not include the NTFSDOS 
drivers.  I went to TechTV's The Screen Savers or Call for Help web 
page.  They have a link directly to the files download area.  This 
allows you to download a bootable disk image for a floppy.  You should 
be able to use the image to make a boot disk.  Go to the IBM web site 
and search on PS2.exe and you should be able to download the program 
image and move that to the disk.  I know that someone on the list made 
an image disk and managed to write it to a floppy that would boot to at 
least DOS. 

If you could, contact me offlist and I could get a disk together, but I 
would have to mail it to you.

BTW, PS/2 is a 'family mode' program but WILL NOT run under Linux, Wine 
or Vmware.

James McKenzie

Rob Smith wrote:

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>From: "James McKenzie" <jjmckenzie51@sprintpcs.com>
>>You can create an .iso image.  However, I recommend going to a site
>>called Madboot and getting the images from them.  There is a cost but it
>>is minimal and is well worth it.  Maybe someone on the list has an .iso
>>image available.
>>James McKenzie
>I went out to Madboot's site and there is nothing that states their CD
>includes IBM's PS2.EXE utility. It is basically a generic DOS (NTFSDOS to be
>correct) boot disk set that will support both Fat and Fat32, plus has the
>files to kick off either a Win9x or NT/2k/XP install, with a couple of third
>party utils added for giggles.
>Unfortunately, that won't do me much good.
>Rob Smith