[ltp] PST Bootdisk for 600E

wes schreiner linux-thinkpad@linux-thinkpad.org
Sun, 30 Nov 2003 08:01:35 -0600

Rob Smith wrote:

>Actually, I don't think that I clarified this. I am looking for information
>regarding creation of a bootable CD-ROM that incorporates the PS2.EXE files.
>I want to be able to boot into the disc to make changes to the system.

Well why didn't you say so?  See on the page 
http://www.enderak.com/linux/thinkpad600/ a link to some version of 
PS2.exe: http://www.enderak.com/linux/thinkpad600/progs/ps2.exe.iso

However, if you ever want to use hibernation then you will need a FAT 
partition for the hibernation file.  Once you have that you might as 
well make it a few MB larger and include PS2.EXE as well IO.SYS and 
MSDOS.SYS so you can dual-boot to MSDOS and your Linux installation.

Almost everything that PS2.EXE does for you can also be done by tpctl or 
directly with lspnp/setpnp (given a PNP-enabled kernel).  Everything you 
would want to do with the serial devices configuration (modem, external 
port, IR port) can be done with lspnp and setpnp.  Still, I think there 
are a few settings that can only be manipulated by PS2.EXE, so it is 
good to have it available.

And remember, everything you will want to do with a ThinkPad 600E has 
been done by lots of people already, and there are quite a few web pages 
out there detailing the various tasks.  Google is your friend.