[ltp] More on Problems Printing from Netscape

Richard Neill linux-thinkpad@linux-thinkpad.org
Sun, 26 Oct 2003 03:46:48 +0000

It is also possible to set the printer to be 'kprinter'  (if you are 
running kde) and you'll then get the kde printer dialog. This also works 
in xpdf, acroread etc.

Incidentally, Mozilla can't spoof its identity easily, but konqueror is 
very good at it on a site-by-site basis. (The "user agent" is what you 
want to change - it's the frog icon)

Hope that's useful


James McKenzie wrote:
> First:
> It appears that no one here has experienced the problems I'm having or 
> I'm being ignored.  There has been no feedback on this problem, so I 
> decided to continue troubleshooting.
> Second:
> The use of Mozilla is NOT an option in my case.  I visit several Windows 
> centric sites and the webmasters have been from neutral to "Use Windows, 
> we will never support Linux, there is no audience for this OS" to 
> downright hostile "Windows is the way to go and Linux is basically SHIT 
> (sorry folks, but is a direct quote from one of the sites that I asked 
> for Mozilla/Netscape support for Linux.)
> Third:
> I've figured out the problem is the lpr command used by Netscape which is:
> I've modified just about every location for this command to:
> lpr '-P '${MOZ_PRINTER_NAME}
> However, when I restart Netscape, the lpr command changes back to the 
> version that does not work.
> If I set the postscript/default printer to lpr -P <printer_name> 
> everything prints ok.  I know that permentantly fixing the lpr command 
> will fix the problem.
> It appears that I'm missing a location to reset the lpr commands.  Any 
> ideas?
> Thanks.
> BTW, the problem was NOT cups related, but I found the above fix on the 
> CUPS site.
> James McKenzie

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