[ltp] R31 hard drive replacement

James Knott linux-thinkpad@linux-thinkpad.org
Tue, 16 Feb 2010 13:16:56 -0500

Jason Brooks wrote:
> Well some of the systems have heat issues with 5400 rpm (my old t30
> did) Got really hot. It will run but the heat is would put off was
> annoying.  I just put another 4200rpm in and it was back to cool. This
> may also be a s.m.a.r.t. issue too but I am unsure of it. I know you
> can adjust these things as well as auto parking for power saving and
> what not.
> Other things that come to mind are size. Some of the drives will not
> fit in some of the models. To big.
> Other issues related to vibration. Some drives can't take taps or
> drops. Hitachi was notorious for this..  Killed a few of them myself
> just by putting the thing on a desk... a light tap and then I got this
> high pitched noise that sounded like feedback on a radio.
> Ah the memories.
> I don't know about any of the ssd's out there. I want to get one of
> the intel versions. They have some speed to them. Just can't justify
> the 500$ price tag at the moment.
> I think the r31 is a ide drive most likely a toshiba or hitachi
> travelstar. 4200 rpm is the norm for those.  You can pick them up new
> or refurbished from geeks for about 30$ for a 50 gig. Good luck.
Yes, the drive is a 40G, 4200 RPM model.  I was looking for a larger 
drive, as I'm getting down on free space.  I was looking at some WD 
drives, such as these:

I was considering the 120 or 160 GB drives.