[ltp] W500 DisplayPort Intel GMA vs Radeon 3650

Yusuf Al'Derzah linux-thinkpad@linux-thinkpad.org
Wed, 9 Jun 2010 07:17:38 -0700 (PDT)

"Marcel M=C3=BCller" wrote:
> I googled a bit and it looks like the intel graphic card can't use or is
> not attached to the displayport. Does anyone of you have any further
> information on this ?

Yep, the Intel card can't use the display port, it's wired only to the

"Marcel M=C3=BCller" wrote:
> Anyway I switched to the opensource radeon driver. This gave my indeed
> what I wanted for a couple of minutes. Then out a sudden (10-15 minutes
> after normal work) the internal display just got some kind of blurry
> effect. It's hard to describe. Thin black lines for instance are
> flickering blueish. The fonts are readable but it appears every 2nd row
> has some sort of misinformation. The background of the console window is
> not black anymore. For my eye it appears some grey color is added.  And a
> couple of other nasty features. If I power down and start up again it is
> fine for 5-10 minutes. I suspect this might be a temperature issue. I
> noticed the GPU has around 60=C2=B0 degree Celsius.   Does anyone have an=
> what happens here?=20

I also had heat problems with the xorg driver: my GPU was always over 60=C2=
even reaching 80 with something as simple as playing flash videos.=20
Switching to fglxr fixed it though.  I also had this strange horizontal
screen flicker appear occasionally in the laptop's LCD, and after reading
your post I believe it was probably caused by the heat, as also probably
your own flicker is.

"Karsten K=C3=B6nig" wrote:
> Check out vga_switcheroo from 2.6.34+, your usecase fits perfectly =3D)=

I've been waiting to take a shot at switcheroo for a while.  I'm running
Lucid as Marcel, and as laz^H^H stability and security conscious as I am, I
want to stick to it.  How suicidal would it be to install 2.6.34 in Lucid?=
I've read several people mention it "works," but never with much detail, an=
I'm sure, as Murphy is, *something* must break... starting with fglrx, whic=
would've to be rebuilt.  Has anyone here tried it?

I'm gonna try with Maverick's linux-image, which implies little eff^H^H
security risks. ;)
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