[ltp] W500 DisplayPort Intel GMA vs Radeon 3650

Karsten König linux-thinkpad@linux-thinkpad.org
Wed, 9 Jun 2010 19:29:19 +0200

Am Mittwoch, 9. Juni 2010, 16:17:38 schrieb Yusuf Al'Derzah:
> "Karsten König" wrote:
> > Check out vga_switcheroo from 2.6.34+, your usecase fits perfectly =)
> I've been waiting to take a shot at switcheroo for a while.  I'm running
> Lucid as Marcel, and as laz^H^H stability and security conscious as I am,=
> want to stick to it.  How suicidal would it be to install 2.6.34 in Lucid?
> I've read several people mention it "works," but never with much detail,
> and I'm sure, as Murphy is, *something* must break... starting with fglrx,
> which would've to be rebuilt.  Has anyone here tried it?

Well vga_switcheroo requires kernel based modesetting, so no go with the fglrx 
drivers here, I don't think the included radeon drivers in 10.04 already have 
that enabled, so basicly just don't mess with your working setup, ain't worth 

> I'm gonna try with Maverick's linux-image, which implies little eff^H^H
> security risks. ;)

You could also try ArchLinux, even if the general attitude of Arch isn't your 
cup of tea it's very nice for technical previews coming =)