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Mon, 17 May 2010 21:51:28 +0200

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Hi there,

I wanted to buy a warranty extension for my ThinkPad in Germany and the
telephone hotline told me that there is no possibility for me to buy such
an extension, I would instead need to call up a business partner *after
the warranty expired* to get a post-warranty carepack.

Now stupid me only tried to actually do this after the warranty expired,
after several claims from Lenovo (i.e. two telephone calls) that this is
possible.  (This alone leads me to think if I can recommend Lenovo at all,
they don't seem to care about non-business customers at all.  Furthermore
they look pretty stuby in Germany, with the telephone agents having strong
non-German accents which makes it hard to understand them and to be

The business partners Lenovo always refers to (they don't seem to answer
emails properly, except for sending out the same boilerplate despite me
asking for clarifications) seem to deal exclusively with businesses.  And it
seems possible with a business license to buy post-warranty carepacks.

When I first enquired a normal (i.e. user) store (shortly after buying it),=
was told that the warranty cannot be extended, unless it's committed into
Lenovo's database at the date of purchase.  With the warranty expired I was
told that I should've come before that happened.  (There are about three ye=
in between, the time of the warranty.)

So does anyone know of Lenovo business partners that deal with end-users and
sell post-warranty carepacks?  Any other advise from similar experiences?

Kind regards and thanks in advance,
Philipp Kern
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