[ltp] Ubuntu 10.04 -- Trackpoint

Nate Bargmann linux-thinkpad@linux-thinkpad.org
Fri, 28 May 2010 17:16:36 -0500

* On 2010 28 May 14:38 -0500, bhaskins@chartermi.net wrote:
> UB 9.10 has worked very nicely for me on my Thinkpads.
> 10.4 has three persistiant problems:
> (1) Suspend to ram ( FN + F4 ) is totally crashed, must power down
> to get back to operation.
> Suspend to disk ( FN + F12 ) is fine.
> (2) Trying to download anything larger than a long email disconnects
> the wireless and it takes many tries to get it to reconnect.
> Wired connection is fine.
> (3) Frequent, random crashes with Firefox.
> This is not in anyway a hardware problem, I can swap HDs between
> two identical laptops and the problems will swap with the drives.
> Once again, these are regressions.
> FWIW, don't know if my Trackpoint will work after restore from STR,
> it's  never made it back.

I think it would be useful to note which model Thinkpad you're having
these issues on.  I am running Lucid on a T60 and have not seen any of
the issues above.  Perhaps the T60 is obsolete?  ;-)

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