[ltp] Ubuntu on an X220

Gervase Markham linux-thinkpad@linux-thinkpad.org
Sat, 21 May 2011 07:29:35 +0100

Hi everyone,

I've just got a shiny new X220 and have installed Ubuntu 10.10 on it.
I've been documenting my experience here:

The tips at the bottom of that page should be useful for anyone else
trying to get Ubuntu running on an X220.

I've also been trying 11.04, booting from a USB key, but it won't drive
my external 1920x1200 Dell monitor, either via VGA or DisplayPort. :-(
Also, I've heard that 11.04 is a bit rough around the edges. So I
haven't upgraded.

I may have to seek the advice of the list on a few items later; but in
the mean time, I just wanted to draw your attention to the above page in
case it helps anyone, and ask anyone else trying this to get in touch
and share stories :-)