[ltp] How safe is ubuntu 11.10?

Steven J. Owens linux-thinkpad@linux-thinkpad.org
Thu, 10 Nov 2011 16:55:52 +0000


On Thu, Nov 10, 2011 at 05:39:30PM +0100, Petter Hansen wrote:
> Den 04. nov. 2011 15:56, skrev Steven J. Owens:
> >      I have a thinkpad t520 with nvidia/optimus, Intel Core i7-2720QM
> >Processor (2.20GHz, 6MB L3), 8 gigs of memory and all the trimmings.
> I have probably the same machine 4243-3UG + (total 8 gig ram, Intel
> 320 ssd)

     Mine is 4239-CTO.  I'd like to try out SSD but I don't want to
give up a real HD or the CD/DVD drive.  I've considered the internal
SSD, but when I was buying my t520 it was not clear whether it was
bootable and/or fast enough to make putting the / partition on it
worthwhile. (Just did some quick googling and it looks like it is
indeed bootable.)

> I first tried to install Ubuntu 11.10, but then it used so
> much power that the life of the battery was only 3.5 - 4 hours, but
> everything functioned without tweak anything. I also use only Intel
> graphics, so do not know how it will be with Nvidia graphics.

     For now I have optimus turned off in the BIOS and I'm using intel
only.  I'd love to have all that horsepower but I haven't had time to
devote to experimenting with bumblebee, etc.
> Now I use 11.04 with Intel graphics, and everything works out of the
> box. 3G works well and battery life is now 7-8 hours. Idle power
> consumption is now only 8-10 watts

     Interesting.  Do you have any clear indications of what made
the difference?

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