[ltp] Fastest Lenovo laptop I can get

James Knott linux-thinkpad@linux-thinkpad.org
Mon, 25 Jun 2012 21:40:12 -0400

John Jason Jordan wrote:
> I am shopping for a new Lenovo laptop. I currently have a Thinkpad T61,
> now approaching five years old. Other than the SD card reader (which
> never worked worth a damn) and the optical drive (which I beat the hell
> out of), it has performed flawlessly. I am impressed with the quality
> of Lenovo laptops, and want to buy another. Any other brand is junk, in
> my opinion.
> My problem is that for nearly five years I have paid no attention to
> what is available. I don't even know what is the latest and greatest
> CPU. There is a bewildering array of acronyms out there of which I have
> no ken.
> The new laptop will probably run an Xfce spin of Ubuntu or Fedora,
> or possibly Mint. (Can't stand Unity or Gnome 3.)
> I use apps that tax the CPU and graphics heavily, so I need the fastest
> CPU available, cutting back a bit to the current "sweet spot." I'm
> seriously considering a solid state drive, although a hybrid would be
> even more enticing. I want 15.4" at 1920 x 1080, or as close to that as
> I can get.
> The budget is open.
> So what do y'all recommend?

Last October, I picked up an E520 which I'm quite happy with.  It may 
not be the fastest, but it runs openSUSE 12.1 very well. Notebooks with 
1080p resolution are not as common as 720p, which my E520 is.  It has a 
dual core i3 with hyperthreading.  It also has a 15.6" display.