[ltp] Re: T520: With or without NVIDIA-Graphic?

Andreas Siegert linux-thinkpad@linux-thinkpad.org
Sun, 06 May 2012 09:41:09 +0200

A few more tidbits:

On 05/05/2012 08:13 AM, Axel Braun wrote:
> Acutally I noticed for a couple of times problems with external monitors:
> Apply a beamer, change resolution to 1024x768 for both screens and present. 
> Fine so far.
> Problem arises then disabling the external monitor and switching back the 
> resolution to 1600x900 - mostly the screen remained black, and I could not 
> bring it back to life. Had to switch it off.

Ok, I only made some initial tests.
But I guess that is quite different as you have an Intel card whereas I
use nvidia.

> May this be better with a newer kernel? Current version is 3.1.10-1.9-
> desktop
Ubuntu is on 3.2...

> Sound keys work, Fn-F4 as well, but no Fn-F12 (Hibernate) 

Still need to map the sound key.
Looks like FN-F12 is currently also mapped to suspend, not hibernate.

Display brightness is a PITA...
I needed to add
in /etc/default/grub and then ran update-grub.
But that only worked until my FN-F12 experiment, after that the control
was gone again (the HUD still showed up though).

Googeling and looking at dmesg seems to indicate that there is a conflict
between ACPI and the display driver both claiming the other will handle it...

And why the hell is my /etc/resolv.conf constantly overwritten?


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