[ltp] Re: Trying to get Suspend to RAM working on an X31 (John Magolske)

Stefan Monnier linux-thinkpad@linux-thinkpad.org
Sat, 04 Oct 2014 18:58:11 -0400

> The last time I fought this issue, I learned that suspend-to-RAM [aka,
> sleep] required a suitable swap space.  With 16GB of ram, I never used any

16G of RAM sounds pretty far from an X31.
So I guess my experience with the X30 might be just as relevant.
FWIW, I've had fairly good success with s2ram on my thinkpad X30.
Usually without any tweaking at all (i.e. running Debian testing and
running just pm-suspend or whatever was the command-of-the-time since it
looks like they never could decide what should be the standard command
for that).

Which X11 driver are you using?  If you use the Free Software one, then
I can't help, but if you're using the proprietary driver, then I'd
suggest you try the Free Software driver instead.

You might also like to try `s2ram' instead of `pm-suspend' (using
pm-suspend runs s2ram, but by removing the extra stuff that pm-suspend
does might help track down the origin of the problem).